Corporate Internet is now One Internet America

We’re still the same Internet and Telephone provider in your neighborhood and the same team ready to make things better for you.

We are changing our Company Corporate Internet to One Internet America, we will continue to invest in technology to improve your connectivity services and reliability.

What are the changes?

With the merge of Corporate Internet to One Internet America we will simplify the network access for better service quality, network routing and low latency. We are also merging every account with a more simplified customer access portal that can be accessed from here 

We will not longer offer hosted email and remote data backup services.

For AirFiber fixed wireless Internet Access we only offer three plans 5 Mb, 10 Mb and 20 Mb.

Previous plans of 1.5 mb, 7 Mb, and 14 Mb are not longer available for new customers, only existing customers will be able to maintain their existing 1.5 mb, 7 Mb, and 14 Mb plans.

We will keep offering plans over 20 Mb where available via AirFiber fixed wireless and Fiber Optic.

We added new options for Telephone Services including Hosted PBX.

Will I keep my existing plan?

Yes, every customer will keep the existing plan and contract. The database migration to the new system platform is complicated and we are reviewing every account individually to avoid unexpected changes.

If you see an unusual change related to speed, services or billing, please contact us right away to correct it.

When will this happen?

Its happening now and the total transition will be completed by June 1st of 2017.

We are working on this transition since November of 2016

Will my services be affected?

We still working in our end to merge all accounts and upgrade the entire network distribution including telecommunication backhauls.

At some point during the migration you could experience short outages but it happens mostly after business hours near mid night and some weekends so your services are not affected during regular business hours.

What about my bill?

Customers will be able to pay the bill as before by credit card or check on the mail.

You will be able to login to the new customer portal from the link bellow and access to the payment section.

If you pay by check then you will send the checks payable to ONE INTERNET AMERICA. Credit card charges will appear as ONE INTERNET AMERICA in your credit card bill.

Please follow this link to access to the new customer portal:

What to expect?

We hope to exceed your expectations and provide the best possible customer services you deserve.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions to make our services better for you, please contact us at any time.

How do I access to my account?

Existing customers will be able to login to the new portal as before with the same credentials using previous username / password.

Please follow this link to access to the new customer portal:

If you are not able to access to your account, please contact us and we will help you accessing to the client portal.