Speed Test

Read before running a test

If you want to test your speed we currently recommend using the button bellow Please ensure that you test using a modern laptop or desktop computer that is connected to your router via ethernet cable (testing wirelessly is not a true reflection of the speed you are receiving). Try to make sure there is no other activity on your network while running the test, as this can affect speed also.


Once you have loaded the speedtest site, bring up the server list. Select the ‘One Internet America’ server as it performs the most accurately test. If you are testing during a peak period (typically between 9:00pm and 3:00pm), also try testing at a different times to make sure it is not a congestion issue.

If you have followed the instructions above, have tested multiple times over different time periods and you still do not achieve plan speed, please login into your account and open a new support ticket for troubleshooting providing your results link so that we can best help you to troubleshoot the issue.