Event Internet Access

One Internet America is proud to be able to offer Fast Temporary Wireless Internet for Events, Conferences, Functions, Conventions and Businesses which require a temporary high speed internet services.

The network can even be cost-effectively deployed for single-day events, providing sufficient bandwidth for hundreds of Internet. High-capacity Internet connectivity has been routinely provided by One Internet America for numerous high profile events. Alternatives such as DSL, T1, Cable Internet would not provide the required performance, while optical fiber would not be available on short notice, if at all.

Fixed wireless is also a perfect solution for reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity for building site offices which are not only temporary but prone to relocation around a construction site.

Don’t pay for costly fixed internet services you only use a few times a year costing well over $30,000 each year. Our Fixed Wireless Internet packages are affordable and include basic setup costs.

Most common usage

  • Trade shows Internet Access
  • Festivals Internet Access
  • Conferences Internet Access
  • Exhibitions Internet Access
  • Fairgrounds Internet Access
  • Concerts Internet Access
  • Massive meetings Internet Access
  • Sport activities Internet Access
  • Remote security camera access
  • Large data volume transfers
  • Remote facilities management
  • Construction sites

Teaming with your internal network services, it’s possible to connect 1000’s of staff to the same network. This is can be used for the business back end or for the general public or both. Offset the data and provide high volume data access when large volumes of peoples are in one area.

We assist with Temporary Internet Access and provide fast internet services for as long as required for many uses

If a temporary network and Internet connection in a remote or temporary site is of interest to you, then contact us today