Internet Access for Surveillance Systems

Closed Circuit Television is an increasingly powerful tool in many security applications

Portable and Fixed Surveillance

For large sites, remote monitoring and perimeter defenses, cabling can become a real problem – typical methods of getting pictures from a remote camera to observation point involve trench-digging, laying fiber optic or copper cables, or microwave and even leased-line connections – all of which have associated limitations and costs.

One Internet America solves the problem with high-capacity, highly reliable wireless solutions with low cost of ownership. One Internet America products offer up to hundreds of cameras with Gigabit capacity links which are installed in hours, not weeks.

Remote Surveillance

Whether deterring town-center crime, monitoring remote premises, providing evidence for criminal prosecution or for covert surveillance of terrorist and smuggling operations, CCTV increases coverage, provides evidence and cuts manpower costs.

Remote Recording

One Internet America also provide remote IP DVR stored in a safe data center hundreds of miles to archive the videos from every camera and it can be accessed real time when needed keeping large amount of video for a long period of time.