Internet Access

One Internet America next-generation fiber-optic network together with global carriers enables One Internet America to provide clients with customer-driven telecommunications solutions that are innovative, differentiated and cost effective and tailored to meet present and future requirements.

Business turnkey connectivity solution

One Internet America works closely with its customers in all phases of network delivery in order to ensure a high quality service experience.


One Internet America is your local ISP Provider offering Fixed Wireless Connectivity among other services which gives you an “always on”, lightning fast Wireless Internet connection. However instead of using a phone line or cable, One Internet America uses carrier grade radio technology to connect your business via “Fixed Wireless” when other methods are not available.

Event Internet Access

One Internet America is proud to be able to offer Fast Temporary Wireless Internet for Events, Conferences, Functions, Conventions and Businesses which require a temporary high speed internet services.
Don’t pay for costly fixed internet services you only use a few times a year costing well over $30,000 each year. Our Fixed Wireless Internet packages are affordable and include basic setup costs.

Failover Internet

An Internet connection can fail at many points. It could be a line issue – someone could dig up a road between you and the exchange and tear up your physical line. There could be a fault at the exchange or it could just be an ISP outage.
When your Internet connection is what your business depends on, you need to make sure it’s as dependable as possible. When one line fails, your bandwidth is reduced but you remain connected to the Internet.

Fiber optic Internet

Fiber Optic Internet solutions by One Internet America are typically designed for organizations providing critical support to their remote access users or customers. They can be deployed to provide secure access to critical computing resources for a broad range of applications.

HotSpots Internet

Whether you want to install a new system, convert or partially upgrade your current WiFi hotspot network, One Internet America HotSpots will provide you with a reliable, self-checking, fully monitored system with built-in future capabilities.
Your customers have access to a consistent, easy to use WiFi service either in-room for one or more laptops, smart devices and mobile phones or for use at your premises.

Last Mile Connectivity

One Internet America solves the problem with high-capacity, highly reliable wireless solutions with low cost of ownership. One Internet America products offer last mile links with Gigabit capacity which are installed in hours, not weeks.

Metro Internet

This service is a network based wide area networking solution that enables customers to cost-effectively and securely transmit data between multiple locations and devices with speeds of up to 10 Gbps across One Internet America Fiber Optic Network.

Multi Tenant internet Access

One Internet America can assist accommodation owners to generate incremental revenue from distributing internet services to their tenants. This achieved by working with the partner to promote competitive internet services to tenants. Competitive internet services include: fast broadband speeds, priced well against local alternative, easy access, no contracts or access fees.

Surveillance Internet

Closed Circuit Television is an increasingly powerful tool in many security applications – whether deterring town-center crime, monitoring remote premises, providing evidence for criminal prosecution or for covert surveillance of terrorist and smuggling operations, CCTV increases coverage, provides evidence and cuts manpower costs.

One Internet America offers a range of services which include:

  • Solution design
  • Service installation and provisioning
  • Service management and monitoring
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Direct provisioning
  • Pro-active network monitoring
  • Network maintenance

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

One Internet America DIA Service is an private line connection to the Internet distribution node. It is dedicated line from the customer location to our NOC. One Internet America peers with various Internet providers to ensure carrier –grade reliability.

Global Private Line Circuit (IPLC)

One Internet America Private Line Circuits give you high speed point to point connections based on reliable, standardized technologies. Through diverse carrier grade pathways between our Network Operations Center, One Internet America extends global reach to meet national and international business demands and to ensure a high level of circuit availability

IP Transit

One Internet America IP Transit is an ethernet based private line connection to the Internet backbone. It is dedicated in the true sense of the word. From the customer’s premises to One Internet America Data Center. To ensure IP redundancy, One Internet America peers with various major Tier 1 Internet providers using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) based routing and the Company’s owned autonomous system number (ASN) to ensure carrier –grade reliability.