Last Mile Internet Connectivity

One Internet America solves the problem with high-capacity, highly reliable wireless solutions with low cost of ownership. One Internet America products offer last mile links with Gigabit capacity which are installed in hours, not weeks.

Cable digging is increasingly unpopular in cities, and regulated by local authorities who often restrict digging of roads to avoid disruption – costs are often prohibitive, especially if a river or railway is in the way.

Using copper telephone lines only provides 2Mbps access per pair – too slow for power users requesting Ethernet at 10/100Mbps or ATM services at 155 or 622Mbps. Cable Modems and xDSL are often not reliable on all installations, depending on the age and condition of the copper cables.


Telecommunication operators have made huge investment in fixed infrastructure, providing coverage of urban and industrial areas with voice, data and video services connected usually from a backbone SDH fiber network using copper, fiber or wireless technologies.