High Speed Wireless Internet for South California

High Speed Wireless Internet for South California

One Internet America announced this week that it had successfully achieved the planned soft launch of its Metropolitan WiFi network, “Wireless 4 SoCal”. Uptake on the network, which covers the central zone of South California with Wireless Internet access of up to 100Mb capacity, was nothing short of amazing as, within one week it had already processed 120 terabit of user data.

“Its quite incredible really” commented Osney Gomez, Managing director of Canaria Internet sub-contracted by One Internet America to oversee the project, “We hadn’t even officially launched the service, just wanting it to be a low key test, but the growth in the traffic was simply amazing.”

This successful soft launch means that One Internet America is well on target to meet its deadline to launch the service early in 2019

High Speed Wireless Internet for South California.

One Internet America networks demand low-cost but highly-reliable equipment to provide “xDSL equivalence” of service with upgrade path for modern services demanding Quality of Service (QoS) such as VOIP, VOD and IPTV.

One Internet America networks typically use licensed 3.5GHz or unlicensed 2.4 or 5.3/5.8GHz frequencies to provide connectivity both to end-users and for the back-haul network. Additionally, FSO links may be used in the network for short-range, high capacity links.